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1 U.S. Peace & 1 Morgan Silver Dollar set

1921-1935 Peace & Morgan — Contains One VG or better 1921-28 or 1934-35 Peace silver dollar and One 1878 - 1904 Morgan silver dollar.

You get one  Peace Dollar (1921-1928; 1934-1935)

Peace Dollar

Peace Dollar reverse
First struck in 1921 to commemorate the end of World War I, the Peace silver dollar instantly became one of the most popular coins in American history. Many consider this 90% silver coin to be the last “true” American silver dollar minted for circulation.
You get one  Morgan Dollar (1878-1904)

1921 Morgan Dollar

Morgan Dollar reverse

The 1921 Morgan dollars. First minted in 1878, the Morgan silver dollar was the product of America’s largest silver strike, which occurred at the Comstock Lode in northern Nevada in the mid-1870s. Though it never gained broad appeal during its production run (1878-1904;7 1921 Shown above.), its connection to an important period in American history has rendered it a highly sought after piece among collectors. Older Morgans are rarer because they were melted down to make 1921 Morgans.

Investment Advantages
These silver dollars, featuring highly collectible silver dollars, offer several investment advantages. In addition to their known numismatic value (all coins should assess at VG and higher grade), each coin contains a sizeable quantity of actual silver. Other advantages include:

1. U.S. Legal Tender
2. Effective as small increments of barter
3. Highly portable and easily liquidated
4. Recognized on world markets                                     
      $80.00  Per set.  



More USA Coins



 2007 American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coin

Item Price: $70.00
Item SKU:   usse07

shipping FedEx Ground Add: $5.00




American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coins are struck on specially burnished blanks. This coin offers silver precious metal purchasers a new collectible version of the popular American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin and features a finish similar to its bullion coin counterpart. Each coin also bears the “W” mint mark reflecting its striking at the United States Mint at West Point.  




2003 American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coin

Item Price:
Item SKU:   usse03

Shipping FedEx Ground Add: $5.00


The artisans of the United States Mint have captured the grace and elegance of sculptor/engraver Adolph A. Weinman’s celebrated Walking Liberty design.

The obverse design features an ever hopeful Liberty striding confidently toward the sunrise, draped in the strength of the Stars and Stripes carrying in her arms branches of laurel and oak to symbolize both civil and military glory.

The reverse design, by United States Mint sculptor John Mercanti, features a striking heraldic eagle with shield, and olive branch in the right talon and arrows in the left. The 2003 American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coin is encapsulated in plastic, placed in a protective outer box, and accompanied by a custom-designed Certificate of Authenticity.



Uncirculated US coin set

Item Price:
Item SKU:   uUScs

 shipping FedEx Ground Add: $5.00



Made in USA Set includes one of each of the following Uncirculated US coins: 2007 $1.00 Sacagawea Gold Dollar P, 2007 $1.00 Sacagawea Gold Dollar  D, 2007 $1.00 John Adams D, 2007 $1.00 John Adams P, 2007 George Washington P, 2007 $1.00 George Washington D, 2007 Kennedy D $.50, 2007 Kennedy $.50 P, 2007 Washington $.25 P, 2007 Washington $.25 D

2011 Silver Eagle one ounce coin (ps4) proof coin

$ 95.00

Comes with beautiful velvet clip top box with eagle emblem and Certificate of Authenticity


2012 Silver Eagle one ounce coin (ps5) proof coin

$ 85.00



Comes with beautiful velvet clip top box with eagle emblem and Certificate of Authenticity




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