The New York Jets 2017 Over/Under: 4.5 Wins

The New York Jets enter this year coming off a 5-11 season that saw them finish last in the AFC East and 13th in the conference. As for 2017, well, Jets fans don’t need to think about football in 2017.

The over/under for the Jets’ win total is currently sitting at 4.5 at online sites. You’ll want to lean towards taking the under at any one of the listed sites and with this schedule, it might be a good idea. The Jets have no interest in winning games in 2017 — quite the opposite — and you shouldn’t bet on them doing it five times accidentally. Their main goal is to secure the #1 pick in the 2018 draft, which will probably mean USC quarterback Sam Darnold, UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen, or some other pretty face for the Jets to pin all their hopes on.

At the top of their list of needs is a quarterback, as their depth chart at that position is laughable. Josh McCown and Christian Hackenberg are the top two names on the list. Not one of them threw more touchdowns than interceptions in 2016. Christian Hackenberg didn’t even play in a year when starter Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 17 interceptions. The Jets are looking mighty thin under center, but that seems to be the plan.

Todd Bowles 2017 New York Jets

They’ve also cut star veterans to make room for more young talent, and in doing so created some tough realities for themselves at key positions. And we’re not talking about Darrelle Revis, who’s effectively past the stage of being useful. Losing inside linebacker David Harris, who then immediately signed with the Patriots, doesn’t help the refreshingly decent defense at all. Of similarly little help is the loss of Brandon Marshall and three offensive linemen. Relinquishing your hold on expensive veterans is part of rebuilding, but this rebuild is making next season look especially tough.

The Jets are clearly looking at their schedule, and their division, and deciding to pass on 2017. As always, their schedule features two divisional games against the reigning Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. It also includes a home game against the should-be-Super-Bowl champion Atlanta Falcons. Their best bets for wins this year are a road game against a Browns and a home game against the Jaguars. Both those teams are similarly challenged under center. But, unlike the Jets, they have ample talent elsewhere on the roster. (Yes, even the Browns, who significantly upgraded their offensive line and have a transcendent defensive talent in Myles Garrett.)

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