Star Wars Black Series Jaina Solo Snoke & Rose Up for Order!

Thus far, the first two waves of Star Wars 6″ Black Series featuring The Last Jedi have been selling like wildfire, with many collectors (including me) having yet to see several of the figures in the wild. But Hasbro is ready to strike again while the iron is hot and Episode VIII hype is in full swing, and now they’ve given the go-ahead for the next wave’s pre-orders to roll out–the Black Series Jaina Solo, Rose and Snoke 6″ figures are now up for order individually!

Thanks to the speedy restocking on Amazon, I was finally able to snag General Leia (TFA) and Maz Kanata last week to complete the second wave of figures containing Last Jedi characters.

I’ve been a little surprised by just how difficult it’s been to find the new figures locally during and after Force Friday II, but with the help of online retailers, my set remains complete (for now). And thankfully, it’s going to stay that way for a while, as the next three Star Wars 6″ figures have now been offered up for pre-order as individuals!

While the GameStop Supreme Leader Snoke figure with throne went up for order on Force Friday II, Hasbro confirmed a “vanilla” release of Black Series Snoke without the throne during HasCon (that, and packaged photos of Snoke without throne had already leaked onto the Internet by then).

Having seen the 6″ scale Snoke in person at HasCon, I’m almost a bit surprised he’s getting a release at the regular MSRP at all. He’s one big dude!

Joining Snoke from the Sequel Trilogy is Resistance Technician Rose, who makes her debut in The Last Jedi and appears to be a major supporting character from what we’ve seen and heard.

The Black Series Rose six inch figure is, well… kind of plain, but that was unavoidable given the rather ordinary work clothes she’s wearing in the movie. Hopefully her large-ish role in Episode VIII will keep her from a peg-warming destiny.

Finally, we’ve got the figure that is likely to garner the most attention from fans (and scalpers) and sell out everywhere first: Black Series Jaina Solo. This figure is only happening because Jaina won a Hasbro Fan’s Choice Poll by a razor-thin margin, but winning at all shows the huge demand for the Solos’ Legends daughter.

I think the Black Flight Suit Jaina Solo costume actually looks a lot cooler than the Jedi clothes version we got in 3.75″ almost a decade ago, and I see no way that this figure doesn’t fly out of stores.

The Star Wars Black Series Snoke, Jaina Solo and Rose figures are now up for order online as individuals and in cases. The cases are filled out with repacks of TFA General Leia, Maz Kanata, Praetorian Guard, Captain Poe Dameron and Imperial Disguise Finn–not a bad case at all for those who haven’t found that wave at retail yet (but superfluous for those of us who have).

Now that they’re up for order, which of the latest round of Black Series 6″ figures (if any) will you be adding to your collections, Star Wars collectors? Are you going for Snoke with throne, without… or not at all? And do Rose and Jaina Solo have a future home in your home?

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