Funko Announces ‘My Hero Academia’ Pop! Vinyls

School’s in session as young superheroes-in-training learn how to save the world in My Hero Academia. In honor of the Japanese adventure anime series  and its protagonist, Izuku, Funko is pleased to announce a line of My Hero Academia Pop! which are expected to be released in August.

Meet the world’s greatest hero, All Might, in both his heroic form and weakened state. All Might’s protégé, Izuku Midoriya, (also known as Deku), gets the Pop! vinyl treatment, highlighting his determination to become the best! Hero-in-training Shoto Todoroki, fellow student Tsuyu Asui and
their teacher Shota Aizawa (also known as Eraser Head) also are included in this first series.

Hot Topic will exclusively offer Shota Aizawa in hero costume.

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