9 Great Gifts to Inspire Kindness and Caring

At Fat Brain Toys, we think Valentine’s Day is about a lot more than just dinner reservations and chocolate hearts. It’s a chance to show all of your loved ones, including the little ones in your life, just how much you really care about them! And not just that – It’s also a great time to inspire everyone to care more about each other, too. Check out the list of toys and books below to discover all kinds of great ways to make your world a more caring and friendly place.

The Doll Kind: Spread kindness throughout the world with the help of a magnificently cuddly and graceful doll friend! They’re soft, beautiful, and elegantly adorned – but they also inspire a lifetime of caring. Hand out the included tokens as random acts of kindness!

Empathy Toy: Empathy is way more than just a fuzzy, feel-good emotion. It’s a powerful tool for thinking and communicating! And this game is here to help you harness that power. Just strap on the blindfolds, grab the puzzle pieces, start talking, and start building!

Craft-tastic Kindness Kit: Not only will kids love making these 8 cute crafts, they’ll also love giving them to family and friends. From cheering up a friend to making someone’s day, kindness is easy and fun to spread!

Random Acts of Flowers Kit: This kit has everything you need to make twelve tissue-paper flowers and then share them anonymously with your community. Each one has a tag on it prompting strangers to do something nice for someone else!

The Things I Love About Me: Open up this book and discover just how many things there are to appreciate about yourself. By the time you make it to the end, you’ll feel just the same as the happy little bunny – – “No one else in the whole wide world is better at being me than ME! I love being me.”

Made You Look Kit: This box is packed with inspiring and FUN public art! Flyers with zany prompts, postcards with inspiring messages, hilarious made-up lists, and a big double-sided poster – There are so many ways to fill your community with laughter and kindness!

Meiya the Mouse Plush Toy: This adorable mouse can’t wait to be your new best friend! She has soft white fur, large ears, a pointy nose, a long tail, a beautiful white dress with tiny pink polka dots, plus the cutest pink ballet shoes you’ve ever seen. She’s the perfect friend for every occasion!

Klutz Friendship Bracelets: Throughout the included book, kids will find highly detailed, illustrated instructions for creating 10 different woven bracelets out of 10 vibrant skeins of embroidery floss and 24 colorful beads. 10 unique designs to give to 10 unique friends!

How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends: Open up this book and little ones can’t help but immediately begin giggling – Who knew such beasts could be so silly! But read a little further and you’ll begin to learn – No matter how ferocious your fights, there’s always a way stay friends… The dinosaur way!

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