Ideas To Create Personalized Bobbleheads For Your Car Dashboard

For many people, collecting custom bobbleheads is not just about putting it on the shelf or desk. There are various places where bobbleheads can be displayed. One of those places is the car dashboard. You can display your personalized bobbleheads on your car dashboard to make it more appealing.

When creating customized bobblehead dolls for your car dashboard, there are various things that you should keep in mind. For instance, you should create the custom figurines that have small to medium size if you want to place it on your car dashboard. Big custom figurines will not be good to be placed there since it can distract you while driving. Here are some ideas to create personalized bobbleheads for your car dashboard:

  1. Create Bobbleheads That Have Emotional Value For You

The customized bobbleheads that you will display on your car dashboard will accompany you while driving, whether short or long distance. The best way to make it worthwhile is to create personalized bobbleheads that have emotional value for you. For instance, you can create the custom figurines of your family or your significant other.

Other than that, you can also create custom figurines that are completely not related to your family or lover, but still has a great personal and emotional value for you. For instance, if you like a certain movie character, singer, basketball player, president, and any other public figures, you can create it as your car dashboard bobblehead.

  1. Create Customized Bobbleheads That Have The Fun Vibe

When you create custom figurines that have the fun vibe, it will make it easier for you to drive around town with your car. Why? That’s because it can help boost your moods and keep it positive while driving. While you drive, you will sometimes look at the fun custom bobbleheads that are displayed on your car dashboard, and you will be able to smile and keep a happy attitude throughout your journey.

Coupled with a good music, custom figurines that have the fun vibe will make your driving much more fun and interesting.

  1. Try To Be Diverse In The Types Of Custom Figurines That You Make

Your car dashboard might only be able to hold several personalized bobbleheads at the same time. So, you have to think about which types of custom figurines that you should put there. Let’s say that you can only place 3 medium-sized custom figurines on your dashboard. Then, the best way to do it is to be diverse in the types of bobbleheads that you display there.

For example, you can mix between family, celebrity, and pets bobbleheads instead of placing the same type of custom figurines all at once. This can make the car dashboard look even more lively.


These ideas can be applied to make your car dashboard look even more interesting. Driving your car accompanied with several custom figurines that have emotional value for you, as well as fun to look at, will make your journey even more worthwhile. is the best place for you to order any personalized bobbleheads that you can display on your car dashboard. Just pick the right size for your custom figurines and submit the photos that best represent the end products that you want to make.

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