Choosing A Good Bulk Supplier Of Personalized Bobbleheads For Your Business Promotion

One of the best ways to use custom bobbleheads in your business promotion is by ordering them in bulk. By ordering your bobblehead dolls in bulk, you will get big discounts, and thus, you can save a lot of money in your business promotion. You can expect to get as much as a 50% discount when you order in bulk, depending on the quantities of your order.

Bobbleheads have become a common promotion tool for many companies. By using custom bobbleheads, many companies can increase the number of sales for their products by using various promotion strategies. Here are some tips to choose a good bulk supplier of personalized bobbleheads for your business promotion:

  1. Quality Must Be The Same As Individual Bobblehead Orders

Many suppliers will degrade the quality of their products for bulk orders simply because of various reasons, including reduced pricing, time restraints, mass production, and so on. This is why many bobblehead makers can offer big discounts for their bobblehead products when the customers order it in bulk.

However, not all suppliers are like that., one of the popular bobblehead suppliers, regard the bulk orders the same as individual orders. It means that they won’t reduce the quality of their end products because of the factors mentioned before.

  1. Good Clay Materials With Good Polish For The End Products

A good bobblehead should be made with high quality clay materials with vivid colors and best durability. Some bad suppliers will use lower quality materials when they fulfill the bulk orders simply because it is simpler to make and ideal for mass production. This is the kind of supplier that you shouldn’t choose.

You need to choose the bobblehead supplier that uses the same quality of clay materials as the individual orders. Make sure the clays are baked properly during the personalized bobblehead creation. Also, make sure that they apply a good polish for the end product.

  1. Durable And Flexible Custom Bobbleheads With Premium Quality

One common problem experienced by many people when they order bobbleheads in bulk is that the end products are less durable and easier to break than the individual orders. This is usually the case when you order the custom figurines from low quality supplier that uses low quality clay materials that are not durable and flexible.

In order to avoid this problem, you have to ensure that the clay materials that are used for the personalized bobbleheads has premium quality, and it is durable and flexible. In this way, the end products will not be easy to break, the colors will not be easy to wear off, and the bobblehead dolls will be flexible and long lasting.


Ordering custom bobbleheads in bulk is not the same as ordering individual bobbleheads. Although you might get a huge discount for your order, please note that there will be compromises that are made that will result in the end products that you will receive. In order to avoid getting bad end products for your bulk order, you should choose a good supplier that keeps the quality as their top priority. is a good supplier that provides premium quality personalized bobbleheads both for individual and bulk orders. No matter how many custom figurines that you need, this service will ensure that you get the top-notch quality bobbleheads that are long-lasting, flexible, and durable.

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